Contact the Instrumental Music Department for more information on course offerings and scheduling options, as well as extra-curricular opportunities. 

Music Learning Lab

This course is designed for the student who is interested in learning the basics of music notation, melody, rhythm, and construction.  Students with little background in music will learn basic symbols and terminology used in music for the purposes of reading, listening to, and analyzing music.

Music Theory

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  This course is designed for the vocal or instrumental student who wishes to expand their theoretical and historical music background.  It is an ideal prep course for college level Music Theory I.  Concepts include music writing, terminology, harmonization, ear training, melodic and rhythmic dictation.  An overview of music history is also included. 

Jazz Improvisation

 Jazz Improvisation focuses on developing harmonic knowledge as applied to improvisational techniques.  Diverse jazz styles as well as jazz history is explored.  The course is open to instrumentalists.

Independent Study

Students may pursue a course through Independent Study that may or may not be in the current curriculum.  Planning must be a cooperative effort between the student and an instrumental music teacher, and must have approval of the principal.  Expectations include 180 hours (minimum) of study, evaluations by the supervising teacher, and progress reports.